Learning History Through Hobbies

Challenge Coins Collecting

If you are a history lover, you have probably heard about challenge coins. They are small pieces of metal usually round-shaped and were given to the members of the military as a reward for their service. They no longer have any material value, although they represent pieces of a country’s history.

If you decide to buy cheap challenge coins you should know that there are different types of them. Each one has a different image, some have a logo or words on them. If you decide to take up this hobby, you should know that there are about 10.000 different coins that exist. So this is not something that you are going to be able to collect fully and fast. Aside from military service, these coins were given for academic achievements, excellence in any specific career field, and retirement.

Cheap Challenge Coins

Today’s special groups such as Star Wars Cosplayers, Harley-Davidson Riders, or Boy Scouts also have their challenge coins. You can even get challenge coins from the police, or fire department, which also means they have performed an action that was worth the reward. If you want to start collecting them you should start with one group, and stick to it because otherwise, it can get pretty chaotic since there are so many of them. Think about what period interests you the most, or what country’s military is the most diverse.

Getting these coins can help you learn so much about our country’s history and its warfare. It is also a great way to show appreciation for those who have fought for the country and keep that as a memento of that fight.